Hold your tongues. Please, even hold your breaths. Let there be silence in the air, as stillness fills my soul. Let there be silence, as nothing but quietness lingers on. Deep as void, thick as darkness. No voice do I want to hear, no sound, no tremor. Don’t utter, don’t whisper. I need complete peace, the eye within the storm.

The dialogues are useless now, the conversations futile. All songs are dumbfounded, all music gone. The poetry has lost its vibe, the springs no longer murmur. Even the blood in my veins stops humming, astonished by fear and tense in wait.

For I’m indeed afraid. I beg for this silence because I only want to hear one voice, among the dearest, of which I know it’s dimming fast. No other notes I can engage but these so sweet and so fading away. This beloved voice I want to keep in my whole being, for I know that afterwards there really will be silence.

Dead, cold silence, mourning chillness, horrid lack of sounds. Everything will be so quiet that it will pierce my years, my mind, my memories. Forever.

So let there be silence. But that voice.

(29 mai 2018)

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