Pathway in the Past

Another road, yet another calling forth to death –
The corridor wide open my steps chose to deceive.
They turned around, and stumbled, and walked another path,
The weaker was my passion, the more I let them greave.

I couldn’t see above as scattered darkness traced
All the remaining skies of hope I had been hunting;
I couldn’t see below as mist and dust embraced
The depths of soul and all the means of fighting.

So, blind, I pushed ahead, I kept on walking,
Still wanting more of life, but still expecting less,
Somehow aroused, yet unsurprised of failing,
Knowing there is no room for second guess.

I only stopped inside that chamber carved in stone
When feeling eyes upon me, distress began to feed:
He was just standing there, all naked and alone,
The cruel, fallen idol I once ceased to believe.

(2007.05.28, Netipărit)

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