Madness of Man

‘Fight your demons’, you constantly tell me,
‘Fight as you’ve fought over and over before’.
But you must know the war’s ultimate fee
Was to forever become insanity’s whore.

I lost that fight, I crushed and the demon
Devoured all the reality and logic in me.
Here I am now – sick, passionless crone,
Young body, old mind, no will to be free.

I have no demons inside left to be fought
And no burning desire to clear my head.
Insanity’s edge was first cold, and then hot –
I didn’t fall, I dove over in it right ahead.

You couldn’t have stopped me – why try?
About the deranged we don’t give a damn.
I’m one of them now – should I beg, should I cry?
I lean before the mirror – before the madness of man.

(2007.08.28, Netipărit)

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