Your Point

It’s been a while and a long road,
But now I see your point.
I was blind and deaf and numb,
I bear no blame at all for it,
But now I see your point.
You couldn’t scream or beg,
As you were numb and drugged,
You only hoped I’d see it,
But I was far and self-absorbed,
I couldn’t see,
But now I understand,
I finally behold you point.
Was it right or wrong, who knows?
An obvious no win situation,
I lost a friend, you lost a lover;
You got a broken heart,
I got my trust torn out,
And now I do, I see your point.
That path? Never again,
I still regret, then I refrain,
Just that now, seeing your point,
I get it loud, Green-Eyes, I know
It wasn’t meant to be,
Neither friend, nor lover,
For I didn’t want to see your point.
It’s been in front of me
Clear and plain for all this time;
No way to turn back,
That is a given,
But will I learn and run next time
For at long last seeing your point?
You said you weren’t there yet,
But still I sensed you fall,
I smelled the fear and the lust,
I couldn’t feel or fall the same,
So I played it easy: just deny,
And now, Green-Eyes, I see your point.
Is it too late?
For you – of course,
For us – dead sure,
But can I learn how to avoid
Not seeing anybody else’s point?
I was trapped in my own circle,
With you holding me so tight,
No way to breathe,
You should’ve let it go,
I should’ve pushed, I should’ve run;
I should’ve seen your point
Even before you got to it.
Regrets are useless,
What’s done is done,
We’re done, and gone, and over,
I’m here, you’re there, we’re through,
Hurt to never trust again,
Oh, yes, I clearly see your point.
Well, dear soul, that was the end,
It haunts me back from time to time,
Some shallow words, some scattered dreams,
To make me see your point,
But now – enough,
I need some closure,
I need you out!
You were wrong,
I wasn’t right,
I didn’t mean deceiving
Yet I managed to.
You said it all,
It hurt and I ignored it,
And only now I see your point.
I don’t agree,
But I understand
As I might also make that point,
And that could be so soon, so near
It hurts only to think of it,
But that is that:
I see your point.

(2008.03.25, Netipărit)

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