There’s no one around, really. Not completely, not entirely. So stop expecting things from people. They are subject of change, even more than a tree that’s grafted. And, opposed to the tree, usually not for better bearing of their thoughts, feelings, or actions. People are strange; more, people are strangers and estranged. So stop expecting things from them.

Deny their nature and you end up lost amongst disappointment and suffering. Between disillusion and grief, I’d rather dwell in indifference. So stop expecting things from your peers. No matter for how long you think you’ve known them, no matter how well you think you’ve read them. You don’t actually know them, you don’t actually read them. And definitely you can’t anticipate the outcome. So cry, scream out loud, rebel against the lack of fairness of it all, but don’t you forget: stop expecting things.

Trust your subconsciousness and the labels it puts on the foreheads of the men and women you’ve just met. It’s not magic, but the connections it makes in the background are so subtle that you can’t understand by pure analysis. Even so, those drawers for peers are decided by logic of the most invisible acts and associations with history and experience. Don’t ignore them, don’t dissect them, just follow them. And remember: no matter how you reconsider later, those labels are there for a reason and most probably extremely sharp. So stop expecting things from people.

Be around them, help them when you can, even love them brotherly. Listen to them and offer a shoulder when they need it to cry on. Learn from them, no matter how high or low your opinion is on them. Try your best not to hurt them, to keep your honesty and compassion at the same time. But, otherwise, stop!

Even those you call friends, even those you call family, even those you call protectors – they all can hurt you. And eventually they will. Most times, on purpose. They can’t help it, it’s in every fiber of their character.

C’est plus fort qu’eux.

Denn sie sind Menschen.

So, for your sake and theirs, too – one last request. So stop expecting things from people.


(19 iun 2018)

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