The Greater Pain

No haven around,
Insanity ground
I walk upon, I should leave.
There’s nothing but pain
A future so vain
That it hurts,
It scars, it bursts
Into tears
Of unspoken fears.
Take the guilt
That I built
As a temple of sorrow,
To immolate the hour
When we entwined;
Just throw it behind
In the past,
Buried in lust,
Dead as the trust
We once shared.
As grief became treasured
I forgot how to fight,
How to share my own light
Before it burns
Down and it turns
To ashes of soul.
But paid is the toll
Of anguish,
Thus vanish!
Without you
Feelings are few
And empty space
Fills every embrace,
And each every kiss
I depressingly miss
Is drowned in the tide
I’m killing inside.
No longer,
No further,
I’ll let it survive.
It’s painful,
And peaceful,
And dark.
For we part,
At last,
Wind-spread as dust.
But gruelingly sad
Before going mad
Is reaching
And touching
A vision that reigns
The greater of pains…
The torment is gone,
Lucidity alone
Decides to remain,
To spit and disdain.
It doesn’t hurt anymore,
Not one bit, not at all.

(2018.04.24, Netipărit)

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