Down the River

I’m on the shore, I look across and wait,
They put me in the tiny boat and kneel;
So there I am – by death, the end of fate,
They push the boat to the Inferno’s meal.

It’s been a while, but I’m not yet across
As creatures on that side push me away.
I should be with the ones crying my loss
And I’m not wanted in their world, they say.

I fight my fear, I know I can’t go back
Nor forward, though – why, they wouldn’t tell.
I have my coin, I’ve faced my death’s flashback,
My soul is trapped, my body’s still another cell.

The waves are black, they burn and laugh at me,
The depths – I have been told they don’t exist.
The river bends, and curves, and I can’t see
A way to gain my place in the Inferno’s mist.

I tried to jump, but I can’t move or yell,
In me the life and death fought hard to mix –
Thus nobody wants my soul to buy or sell.
So be it then – I’ll sail along the Styx.

(2007.08.27, Netipărit)

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