Let Go!

I aim to burn the stars at night,
To pull back shadows in the past,
To speak no voice, to see no light,
To reach the undiscovered lust.

It feels like nature’s playing whore
With fates all drowning in the tide;
I feel it rotten to the core,
I see how earth yielded and died.

I see the sun turning all gray,
The moon covering her shade.
The air crawls, the hopes betray
As there is nothing more to fade.

Let go! The voices cry within.
Let go – release the pain inside!
Why can’t you see? The love, the sin
Have murdered you – leave them behind!

(2006.11.05, Netipărit)

4 Responses to Let Go!

  1. Adrian says:

    Asta e poem de moarte, in 4 strofe. Dar femeile ninja nu isi fac seppuku niciodata. E scrisa pentru un baiat ?

    • mad says:

      Rar se scriu poeziile pentru cineva anume, mai degraba pentru o stare de spirit sau pentru a reda artistic niste idei despre viata.

  2. Adrian says:

    Si textul cu copilul zeu l-ai visat sau chiar poti sa faci asta pe strada cu oricine?

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